Night care combo

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While we take rest, our skin rebuilds itself. And to help it in the process, following night care is as important as a daycare regime. 

Try this product combo and get a natural deodorant FREE!

This skincare combo is for dry & sensitive to normal skin type.

Unique curation of our bestselling Facial Care products. This combo contains everything you would need for a night skincare regime. Contains:

1) Facewash - Tea Tree & Basil - For cleaning up the skin gently without taking away the natural moisture. 

2) Orange Night Cream - Just before you go to bed, apply this to rejuvenate skin overnight. 

3) Lip Balm - Rosy Pink - To keep those lips soft and moist. 

4) Kesar Hemp Face Serum - Ayurveda-based blend of exotic nourishing oils for that youthful skin.

And to maintain freshness the whole day, get a Natural Deodorant free with this combo 😍.